TAR SANDS 411: A Starter Pack

As we’ve been researching the Tar Sands over the last several months we’ve come up with a bunch of helpful resources and tools that have helped inform our journey. Below are some resources we recommend on your own journey to knowledge and understanding about the Tar Sands.

Fact and Information

Oil Sands Reality Check For a treasure trove of real costs & facts about the tar sands to share with friends and family
Films & Media
A documentary that explores the Athabasca Oil Sands from a marginalized and often silenced perspective: Communities that live downstream. Check them out on Facebook too.
A documentary about the Keystone XL and blockade, mostly in Texas
Documentary from the perspective of the world’s megastructures.
Shorts from Environmental Defense on Sands and Pipelines (very well-produced)
Other Tar Sands Projects

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